How to Audition for the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus

The below instructions were provided for our most recent COC auditions and remain as an example of what is typically required (although we usually hold live in-person auditions, not pre-recorded). Any future auditions would likely follow the same requirements for solos, but would have a different required excerpt.


Complete the Online Application

Each individual who wants to audition for the Chorus must complete the ONLINE AUDITION APPLICATION.

Be prepared to tell us some specifics about your music background and your previous choral experiences.


Prepare Two Solos

Sing two solo prepared pieces. Repertoire may be art song, aria, or Broadway. At least one of the two prepared solos must be in French, German or Italian. Solos do NOT need to be memorized, but must have piano accompaniment (no a cappella singing).

For each of your solo videos, you’ll need to be able to play a recording of the accompaniment that can be heard in your video. The director should be able to hear both your accompaniment and you.

Need help with your solo accompaniment?

Don’t have the resources available to provide a recording of the accompaniment to your solos? We have two suggestions to help.

  1. Check out Appcompanist. Their 30-day free trial may be enough to get you through if they have your titles available. Note that if you use this app, when recording your video you will need to turn off or mute what they call the melody line, so that we hear only the accompaniment.

  2. One of our accompanists, Jacob Bernhardt, has offered to record audio accompaniment tracks. He made the accompaniment track for the Mozart excerpt. Jacob requires one week with the music (you can send him a pdf of your sheet music), and would charge a $25 fee per recording. You can reach Jacob at


Prepare an excerpt from the Mozart Requiem*

*Note that the required excerpt changes each season.

Sing the provided excerpt from Mozart's Requiem, starting at the Allegro, with the accompaniment track. As with the solos, please record the excerpt with the accompaniment track audible in your video.  

When recording the Mozart excerpt, please play the provided "accompaniment" track in the background and sing along (please do NOT sing along to any of the other study tracks provided).

You can find everything you need on the AUDITION EXCERPT page.


Record & Upload Your Solo Video

When you feel confident in your solo, record a video for online submission. Once you are satisfied with your recording, you will upload it as an unlisted video on YouTube or a viewable shared link from your Google drive. Only our directors will view your video. Complete instructions for recording and uploading your video may be found on our RECORD YOUR SOLO page.


Schedule a Virtual Interview with the Directors

Your audition will conclude with a brief 10-minute interview, via Zoom, with the Lisa Wong and Daniel Singers. Interviews will be held on Sunday, September 20 and Monday, September 21. Be sure to have your video links ready when scheduling your interview. You will be required to submit all three video links when scheduling.


To book your interview time slot, visit our SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW page. The online booking system is user friendly and will automatically send you a Zoom meeting invitation, via email, after you have selected the interview time. Additionally, you will receive automatic confirmation and reminder emails as the interview date approaches.


What should you expect in the interview?

The directors will want to hear more about your singing background and why you are interested in COC. They may also guide you through some simple vocal exercises so they can hear your range. You should log in to the interview having already warmed up.


What to Have Ready Before Joining Your Virtual Interview


Before the audition begins, please make sure you have completed the following tasks:

  • Download the Zoom video conferencing platform. To download Zoom, visit

  • Ideally, use a computer (with a built-in camera or external webcam) and headphones to join the virtual interview. If that is not possible, using a tablet or smartphone is acceptable.

  • Be sure to warm up before joining the interview.

Auditionees are typically informed the results of their audition via email within one week. 


If you have trouble completing any part of the online audition process, please do not hesitate to contact the Chorus Office at

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